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    "Well, that's very niceI don't always want to go somewhere every time I take a walk, I much prefer just wandering."You love food. And youre pretty sure you want to make it your life. If this sounds like you, then The Culinary Institute of America is the only place you need to be. Only at the CIA will you get the immersive learning and industry connections that will prepare you to lead in the kitchen, the boardroom, or anywhere else you want to go in food.

    His own marvellous light,At our heart, we develop and nurture a chefs mindset in every CIA student and graduatefulfilled, influential professionals who understand the importance of taste in leading sustainable change in the food world.

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    CIA Majors and Degrees


    So many career paths in food! Not sure what yours is yet? No worries.
    College is all about exploring, and well help you discover whats right for you.

    CIA culinary college students learning from a chef as part of their core in-kitchen instruction for their CIA degree.

    Core In-Kitchen Instruction

    Culinary arts or baking and pastry arts. Theyre at the foundation of all youll do here.
    Associate Degree Programs >

    Beyond the Kitchen learning: CIA student learning front of house operations in a CIA restaurant.

    Next-Level Learning

    Go deeper in the food world, with culinary science, applied food studies, hospitality management, or food business.
    Bachelors Degree Programs >

    Students attending a class for the CIA's Wine Management Master's Degree.

    Graduate Education

    Earn your masters degree online. Advance your learningand your careerwith our food business or wine and beverage management programs.
    Masters Degree Programs >

    Hospitaltiy Test

    Introducing Hospitality Management

    The newest degree to propel you to new heights in the exciting world of Hospitalitywere not just talking restaurants, but hotels and resorts, theme parks, bars and nightclubs, cruise lines. Were talking travel and entertainment. No matter what path you take in the ever-growing Hospitality world, food and beverage is at the core. And no college knows the business of F&B like the CIA.
    Discover our Hospitality Management Degree >

    CIA Student Life in The Egg


    Be part of a vibrant campus and close-knit community,
    where everyone speaks your languagefood. And your dorm has a full-sized kitchen!

    Group of happy students at the CIA New York campus, where students enjoy the full college campus experience.

    Full Campus Experience

    Student clubs and activities, athletics and fitness, entertainment and fun...youll find it all at the New York campus.
    New York Student Life >

    Students in the herb garden at the CIA at Greystone. This campus has a unique inspiring setting in California's wine country.

    Unique, Inspiring Setting

    At our California campus, youll have fun exploring Napa Valleys bountiful farms, vineyards, culture, and outdoor activities.
    California Student Life >

    Students walking outside the CIA in San Antonio, TX - a culinary school campus where students enjoy a spirited city life.

    Spirited City Life

    Enjoy the energy and action of our Texas campus, set among the shops, restaurants, and attractions of San Antonio.
    Texas Student Life >


    New CIA graduate holding up their diploma. CIA Alumni are leaders in the food world.


    A CIA degree spells successour 50,000+ alumni are proof of that!
    Theyre not only accomplished chefs; theyre influential leaders in the food world.

    James Bickmore-Hutt, CIA Culinary Science Bachelor's Degree alumnus and Culinary R&D Manager/Corporate Chef at Dole.

    James Bickmore-Hutt

    Culinary R&D Manager/Corporate Chef
    Read bio >

    Tasha Mabin

    Tasha Mabin

    Catering Director
    The Compass Group USA
    Read bio >

    Camille Cogswell, CIA Alumni and Pastry Chef at Zahav Restaurant.

    Camille Cogswell

    Pastry Chef
    Read bio >

    Ramona Nahapetian, CIA Applied Food Studies Bachelor's degree alumni and Office and Restaurant Accounts Manager, Masienda.

    Ramona Nahapetian

    Office & Restaurant Accounts Manager
    Read bio >

    Roy Choi, CIA Culinary Arts graduate, chef, restauranteur, author and food truck pioneer.

    Roy Choi

    Food Truck Pioneer
    Read bio >

    Adam Crocini, CIA alumni, and Global Head and Vice President of Food & Beverage for the Luxury & Lifestyle Group, Hilton.

    Adam Crocini

    Global Head & VP of Luxury and Lifestyle Food and Beverage
    Read bio >


    The first time I visited, I knew I had finally found a school that teaches the traditions of the worlds cuisines...Its the best culinary school in the world.
    Paul Bocuse, world-renowned chef and restaurateur

    Industry-Leading Faculty - Teaching in the Kitchen


    CIA faculty members have unmatched credentials.
    Learn directly from the people who wrote the book on food!

    Culinary school students in the kitchen learning from CIA faculty who are leaders in their fields.

    Leaders in Their Fields

    Get valuable hands-on instruction from acclaimed master chefs, successful restaurateurs, wine experts, forward-thinking nutritionists, and many other food authorities.

    CIA students in the forest listening to a professor. CIA faculty have a wide range of expertise beyond the kitchen.

    A Wide Range of Expertise

    Gain well-rounded, food-focused knowledge from accomplished historians, anthropologists, marketing and management experts, authors, and more.


    Panelists on the stage of the Menus of Change Conference. The CIA is shaping the future of the food industry.


    Were shaping the future of the food industry and driving change for a better world. You will too!

    Some of the most important conversations in the food world happen at the Menus of Change Annual Leadership Summit, a joint initiative of the CIA and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition. This year, the summit will be offered as a virtual series, June 22-24. Catch the livestream on our Facebook page (@CIAChef). View summit details >

    CIA Partners with top universities & scientists. A speaker presents on the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative.

    Cultivating Change

    The CIA and top universities and scientists together, nurturing a healthier, more sustainable, and delicious future.
    Learn about our partnerships >

    speaker giving a lecture and demo to a group at one of the many thought leadership conferences by the Culinary Institute of America.

    Developing the Big Ideas

    Our thought leadership conferences guide the food industry toward the next wave of global change.
    Check out our conferences >

    A CIA Consultant working with a foodservice professional.

    Transforming Ideas into Reality

    Our experts help foodservice operators translate science into innovative, practical strategies that drive their businesses.
    Visit CIA Consulting >

    Place setting at a CIA restaurant. Come taste, learn, expereince, and celebrate with us!


    The CIA is a food lovers paradisea hub for tasting, learning, experiencing, and celebrating life.

    Guests at the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe, one of our 10 student-staffed CIA restaurants and cafs.


    Dine at our family of 10 student-staffed restaurants and meet the food leaders of the future.
    Learn more >

    People dancing at an event at The CIA at Copia, the ultimate foodie adventure in Napa, CA.

    The CIA at Copia

    The ultimate CIA foodie adventuredining, classes, demos, entertainment, and food innovation in downtown Napa, CA.
    Learn more >

    Food enthusiasts in the kitchen at one of the CIA's classes for foodies.

    Public Classes

    Hands-on and multi-day classes, where you can release your inner chef.
    Learn more >

    Long table with guests making a toast at one of the CIA's event venues for weddings, meetings and gatherings.

    Weddings & Events

    Your event will be both inventive and unique when you tap into our 75 years of food and hospitality experience.
    Learn more >


    Exciting things are happening at CIA campuses and beyond thanks to our dedicated faculty, students, staff, and alumni.
    Check out these CIA headlines and more.

    culinary institute of america news

    New CIA Video Series Explores the Best of American BBQ

    The CIA is now streaming the latest segment of its World Culinary Arts video seriesfeaturing the best in American BBQon ciaprochef.com.
    culinary institute of america news

    CIA Alumni in the News: May 2021

    CIA alumni are always cooking up something interesting, and with a network of more than 50,000 strong, theres never a shortage of highlights!
    culinary institute of america news

    Morrison Living Teams Up with the CIA to Bolster Staff Training

    Morrison Living has partnered with the CIA to offer mentorship and additional culinary training to its foodservice staff.
    culinary institute of america news

    CIA Alumni in the News: April 2021

    CIA alumni are always cooking up something interesting, and with a network of more than 50,000 strong, theres never a shortage of highlights!


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